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Just a minute

February 22, 2012

I have been wrapped in my thoughts alot lately. Thoughts of am I doing all that I should be doing? Is there something that I’m missing? How can I make an impact today? And as I’m wrapped in my thoughts I’ve been reading a book called “Just a minute”¬† by Wess Stafford. This book talks about the impact a minute can have in a positive or negative way. That a child’s dream can be built or torn down in just a minute, sometimes less. Wow. Really?! Yes. And that children can be impacted as early as two years old.

There was a story that I read about a little boy who was maybe two, that managed to open the fridge to pull out his bottle of milk. When he reached it, the bottle dropped from his little hands, and he was surrounded by a puddle of milk. The little boys mom came into the kitchen, and instead of scolding him said the following, “Did you drop the bottle?” The little boy nods. The mom says with a smile on her face, “This is quite a puddle. I have never seen a puddle of milk quite like this.” “Would you like to play in the puddle?” And so the little got down to play in it. Then the mother said, “Sometimes we make messes, and then we have to clean them up. Will you help me clean it up?” The little boy and his mom clean up the puddle, and the mom tells her son, “Don’t ever be afraid to make a mess.” He carried this motto through out his life, and grew up to become a famous research scientist.

So, in my day to day, I have to remind myself that I can make an impact in certain¬† 2year old’s day, and those around me. On days that I feel: is there more I should be doing? I remember to make each minute count, and I try to be a part of more good minutes than bad.