Becoming the woman God designed me to be is not always an easy task. I am constantly having to change the way I think, the way I speak, act, and the list goes on. It is so important though, that I remind myself daily to seek God, and do the day God’s way. And not always knowing what that means, it’s important for me to seek God everyday.

Especially since I was given the responsibility of raising a little girl. She watches and hears everything. And I am her biggest influence at this time in her life. She is a reflection of me. So, what am I teaching her? At 19 months?  To be patient. That means I have to be patient with her, especially when she refuses to go to bed. To be gentle. So, I must speak and act gracefully with those around me. And to not get easily frustrated. So, I am learning to let go of the small stuff. After all most of it is small stuff.

Are these big lessons to be teaching my child at 19 months? Oh, I think not. I understand she is a still a baby, but you can never start too soon to teach them good. And you can never start to soon to refine yourself.


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