A Child’s Compassion

My sweet baby girl has a heart full of compassion.

A week or so ago, we were sitting down playing or reading books, and she stopped and turned to me, with very concerned eyes. She pointed to a diminishing pimple on my chin, with her very precious little finger. She said, “boo boo” (for the first time). And then she kissed my chin. Wow.

I was left laughing and admiring the compassion of my 18 month old.

Then there was the time i was having a really hard day and sat on the stairs to cry. And she walked up to me, and gently looked at me and hugged me, and held me. Yes, in that moment I felt like I was being held my 18 month daughter. It was by far the best cry and hug.

God gave my daughter a compassionate heart, and she’s been so gracious to share it with me. How blessed I am to know such a sweet girl. And how privileged I am to be able to learn from her.




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