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At Last.

September 25, 2010

It’s been well over two months since I’ve written here. And quite frankly, even though there was so much to write about I contemplated if I should, that, and not having time to write a blog, or not being motivated and instead spending whatever free time I have browsing Facebook. Seriously, why do I do that. I have so many other things I could be doing than logging on to Facebook. But, I do it anyway.

So, what has happened in the last two months? Where do I start?

About Aliza:

1. She has been eating a variety of solid food and is now moving on to finger foods, pancakes, raw fruits and veggies, baby crackers.

2.She is now crawling. She just started last week. She now gets into everything. Seriously, I need to start baby proofing. Her favorite is to chase after the dogs favorite ball, and after the dog.

3. She takes a few steps with help and really likes standing.

4. She cut her first tooth. Yesterday. 🙂 So exciting. Today she has spent the day rolling her tounge over her tooth, trying to figure it out.

5. She sleeps through the night. For real now. She goes down anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30 and stays asleep until 5:30 or 6 am. I nurse her for 30 mins, and she sleeps again and wakes up around 8 or 9 am. Good deal. 🙂

6. She says mama and dada. Started about a week ago.

7. Still enjoys baby story time.

8. Her personality is really showing. She is a happy, excited, miss independent kind of girl. Sometimes she’s shy. When she meets someone for the first time or hasn’t seen someone for a while. She tilts her head, smiles and looks away.

9. She is about 16.5 lbs. Not sure her height, but when she stands next to me she comes up to my thigh.

10. She is such a blessing in our lives. God reveals his goodness in her daily.

About my Hubby:

1. He is in Firefighter Academy. He is learning alot, making new friends, and enjoying the field more and more.

2. He is starting a new full-time job on Monday. This is the first time in a year since he’s worked full-time outside of home. So, prayers are welcomed for him (and I).

3. He continues to enjoy being a father. Aliza and him have so many similarities and they are the cutest when they are together.

About Nuka (our pup):

1. She has adjusted quite well with the baby. She enjoys giving her kisses and is really gentle with her. If Nuka has a bone and Aliza comes up to her, she will turn away from her bone and give Aliza a kiss.

2. She is healthy. For a while she was a little sick, but thank the good Lord she is now well.

3. She is celebrating her 2nd birthday on Monday. *tear* I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since we’ve had her. We got her at 6 weeks old.

About Me:

1. Hmmm…I am working on time management. I am trying to figure out how to take care of an 8 month old full time, sometimes over time, and do my daily household chores (which always seem to add up), be a good wife, maintain a social life, and take care of just me. Oh, and take care of our dog.

2. I am taking a break this semester from working outside of home. I thought I would go back to culinary work, but it seems that with the hubby’s full time job and part time school, it will not be feasible.

3. God is teaching me daily on how to be the type of person he wants me to be for him and for my family.

4. I am greatful for my beautiful family.

Some of my faves this past month: