Ensuring Baby’s Well Rested

Breaking habits is hard. And my baby has gotten into the habit of being nursed or rocked to sleep. No bueno. The past week we have been trying to break her of the habit, but last night was really tough. She woke up at 1130 pm and 4 am and at 630 am and finally at 8 am. And we tried the she’ll cry and soothe herself to sleep, well no such luck she cried or shall I say yelled for 30 mins. Yes, my baby has learned to do REALLY high pitched shrieks.

And her crib is in this nook right outside our bedroom.

I really thought last night was going to go really smoothly because I had her in bed by 8 pm.

Well, I guess it’s a work in progress.

She has been napping the past couple days for about 1.5 straight. And it does require me leaving her in her crib awake for a few minutes, but usually after 10 mins she’s off to sleep.

Anywho, is there any mom’s out there that have any recommendations on getting a baby on a good sleeping schedule? Please leave your comments.


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