Oh my Aliza’s in VA!

So needless to say that I have been busy. Preparing for Aliza’s first road trip and her first time away from home.   The drive here was quite the adventure. We drove through Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and Pennsylvania. It took about 14 hours of driving, 4 hours of stops, an overnight stay in Pennsylvanina. And now here we are!

Kris joined me the first 5 days, but drove back home on Monday for job training. It was really nice to have him here. The past couple days has been diffirent taking care of Aliza by myself. I do try to recruit my family to help me out. My brother David is really good with her, and my brother Jason can make her laugh. And she just loves spending time with her grandparents. 🙂

It has been nice for my family and Aliza to get aquainted. 🙂 She is deffinetly enjoying them, as they are her. And after 2 years of being away from my hometown, I am enjoying being back surrounded by the things I grew up with. Aliza enjoys being in a new place and spending time surrounded by my Hispanic roots.

Even though it has been ridiculously hot here, in the mid to high 90s, she still is so smily and giggly. 🙂 I have often been told of how joyful she seems. And, well, Aliza does mean joyful.:)

Anywho, just wanted to write a quick note. I realize it had been a while. I’m finding myself so busy lately, but still would like to keep writing.

Well, I hope to report some more during our trip here in VA.


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