Being the Mom I am called to be

I was reading today in Psalms 37 and this is what stood out.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.”

It has been the desire of my heart since I found out I was pregnant, that I be the best me for my child. As I am sure that that is the desire of most parents. Since I’ve had Aliza, I have noticed alot of things about myself that I must work on to change. Like being easily frustrated or not letting things that bug me go. Gee, I sure don’t want Aliza to pick up on that and think that it is okay. Plus, I need to change these things to not easily get stressed. I deffinatley desire to not be a stressed out mom.

As I read and re-read this passage, it dawned on me that if I simply spent time with God, lived my life according to His word, and trusted in him the things that I desire in my heart from smallest to biggest, in all aspects of my life He will give me. Wow.
Then, as I spent some time just talking with God and being still, I realized just in the same manner that I want to spend time with my daughter, so does my heavenly Father want to spend time with me. I cannot imagine not talking to Aliza and her not interacting with me. And so how does God feel when I don’t take the time out of 24 hrs to sit down and converse?

Sure I pray throughout the day, but you know the quick kind of prayers. God help me do this. Give me strength here. Thank you for this food. Give me patience. Thank you for my child. But, the truth is that in the busyness of momhood, I do not take 30 mins a day for just me and God. But, I should.

Honestly, on those long restless, teething days having those 30 mins would be me recharging my batteries. Every mom needs to recharge daily. No we are not the energizerbunny. Society may make you think we are supposed to be that way. But, yes even the energizer bunny will need to be recharged. And, I would rather recharge before hitting the sack. So, I am going to attempt to take some time every day. Yes, I said every day. And that may be hard at first, but honestly my family will be better if I do this.

I am recruitting my husband to watch the baby every day for at least an hour so that I can have this time to myself. I find that doing this before dinner, around 4 pm works for me.

If you are exhausted with the many to do things on your list, try to take 30 mins. Journal, read your Word, pray, meditate. Stop thinking, listen.

I find that this is how I can begin to be the best mom I am called to be.


One Response to “Being the Mom I am called to be”

  1. Judy Says:

    Jessica- Thank you so much for posting this! Over the past few months I’ve slacked off my with daily bible readings…yet God has showed me no slack and has blessed me so much in the past few months. I remember the way I felt after my bible readings I felt so relieved…it was truly a great feeling and I’m proud to say I will make time in my day for God and I to sit down together for I would not be here for today if it was not for Him.

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