Adventures with Aliza

Today was such an eventful, long day for baby girl and I. The day started off really relaxed and low key. Dad feed baby girl rice cereal for breakfast while I, mom, made meltaway pancakes with a melted strawberry sauces. Yum! Baby girl kept on eyeing our breakfast, like excuse me, this mush you give me isn’t cutting it! Oh, my girl is going to be a good eater. Side note: This week we introduced avacado in her diet and she loves it! Loves it! She gets upset when she’s all done.

Shortly, after breakfast around 1030, I recieved a call from a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, who happened to be in town. We had been planning on meeting up while she was in town, but hadn’t made set plans. She called to see if we could still meet downtown Chicago. Hmmm…we’re suppose to be on the train in half an hour. I told her that we wouldn’t be able to meet because I didn’t have time to plan and it would be difficult to leave the house that soon.

I went about taking care of Aliza and cleaning up after breakfast. I tried letting it go, but gosh, I really wanted to see my friend, whom I hadn’t seen in 2 1/2 years. I asked my husband to check for the next available train, and in order to make it I had to leave the house in 15 mins! Can I do this?

I find myself calling my friend back and telling her that I would be there in 1 1/2 hours. And ladies and gents, I was out the door in 15 mins! Got myself dressed, the baby changed and dressed (husband helped), the diaper bag ready, my hair brushed, my purse, and out the door I was.

Within a few minutes I was sitting with my baby on her first train ride ever. Aliza was on her way to Chicago for the first time. 🙂 It was such a joy to see Aliza enjoying the sites through our 1 hr 15 min train ride. And it was really great to show Aliza Chicago for the first time.

When we got home we had about  1 1/2 before we were out the door again. This time to Aliza’s First Bonfire, actually a Summer Kick Off for a youth group my husband and I are a part of.  I learned being out past 8:30 pm on a hot day is not for babies.  I thought she would be fine and would sleep in her carseat. However, I wasn’t planning on the many mosquito crashers. But, she’s a good sport. She enjoyed herself some, spending time outdoors and watching us eat watermelon and smores and such. Fun times

I am sure she will not remember this day, but I sure will. Today was the mark of Aliza and Mommy’s many adventures. Oh, what fun it is to share these moments with my daughter.


One Response to “Adventures with Aliza”

  1. Sylvia Reyes Says:

    Your blog has put tears in my eyes. You sure now how to make your mom cry even when you dont intend to. I cant wait to see you all. I’m gonna try to go up next spring or summer so we can venture with aliza to downtown chicago together again also. I will try to be there either for baby’s first christmas or her first birthday or both if possible. Hope you and baby and karin had a good time in chicago. How ever in one picture you look tired or disturbed or hot. Which was it? Well anyway hope you had a nice memorial day and I’ll call you today or tommorrow. Bye my chickadee. Say hi to Kris and give baby and Nuka I big hug for me.


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