Changes, changes, changes

Big deep green eyes stare into mine, as she contemplates what she’s experiencing for the very first time. As if asking, “Mama, what is this?”

This past month was quite a milestone month for little Aliza. Or as I like to call her Allie girl. She is now a little person, experiencing the world and finding out what she likes and doesn’t. Lately she’s really been into reaching out for people and touching things. She loves to really grasp things between her hands, expecially me. Ouch. I often have to remind her not to pinch and to be gentle.

Aliza expecially enjoys nature. She is fasinated by all the beautiful colors, like pink tulips. 🙂 And feeling the wind in her hair and feet. Whenever she is cranky, and I have no idea what’s the matter, a little walk outside always helps.

She is such a joyful, happy, talking baby. As I write this I hear her laughing with her dad and sqwelling. She loves interacting with people. She is definatley a social little girl.

Recently, this past week at the mark of her 4 months Aliza had solid food. Roasted squash! 🙂 She loved it as much as I loved preparing it. She just couldn’t get enough, I had to give her double porition. I think about 2-3 tbsps. She likes to help out and hold the spoon herself, and really is grasping the concept of it going in her mouth. 🙂 Before starting her on squash, I gave her rice cereal starting at 3 1/2 months. I know alot of people and doctors say not to start until 4 months, but she had all the signs of being ready. She was eyeing our food and reaching for it, she was putting everything and anything in her mouth, and she started teething. And so, I tried it and she loved it. At first, bowel movement wasn’t as easy. I think she went without one for a day or two, but no worries. Cereal really didn’t change the consistancy, but soild food, watch out!

Developmentally, she is doing well. She rolls now on both sides and from back to stomach, and stomach to back. She can sit with support, as well as stand with support. She holds up her head on her own and will turn to follow voices and movement. She enjoys reading, and being read to. She holds books in her hands and tries to turn the pages herself. Oh, yes, my girl is ambitious. 🙂

She is still teething, yet no teeth have broken through. She is managing it better. For a while there she was having a tough time. Teething rings help, as do fingers and Humphreys 100% All Natural Teething Relief. I am thinking that this month she’ll have a tooth break through. Yay!

Tuesday she weighed in at 11 lbs 10 oz (25 percentile) and measured 25 in (75 percentile). Doctor said she was looking pretty good. And was again impressed with her ablility to really engage in converstation.

This past month I celebrated my First Mother’s Day. It was wonderful, spent with family and opening up cards, gifts, and enjoying some good chocolate. 🙂 I am still amazed at the fact that I am a mom. And amazed at the beautiful child God has given me to care for.

I am blessed.


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