Aliza’s 2 month update

Can you believe my baby girl is 2 months!? She is growing so fast. Yesterday was her 2 month appt and she weighed in at 10 lbs and measured 23 in. It seems that weight has slowed down, but she is the most alert baby. The doctor seemed impressed and how long she can be engaged. She loves to coo and look at people and really enjoys dancing. She kicks alot. A few days ago she picked up one of her toys all by herself and held it up. 🙂 Such an exciting moment for me. She can now hold her head up for the most part. She loves sitting and looking around.

Some of her favorite activities are: playing on her play gym, listening to music, doing baby work outs, dancing (kicking and streching), and talking/studying people. She does seem to enjoy bath time or at least handle it well. She no longer cries when taking a bath and she loves cuddle time after a bath. 🙂 Mommy loves it too.

She truely is the best little girl ever. I love hugging her and singing to her (she enjoys singing too; she makes these beautiful note sounds when I sing to her, it almost sounds like she is trying to do a duo with me). I love how she smells so good, is so soft, and how she wraps her arms around my shoulders. 🙂 Being a momma truely is such a gift.


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