The Count Down Begins

In about six weeks for sure I will be holding my baby. I don’t think it will even take that long. Today I had a doctor’s appointment and my mid-wife talked about me being ready in two weeks. I’m counting on 3-4 weeks. Anywho, time sure does fly by.

My appointment today went well. Baby’s heartbeat is 162 beats/min. Wow, right? Baby is head down so yay for that. And nurse said baby was getting big, which I can tell.  My belly just keeps growing day by day.

Last week was my last week of a paying job. I say paying job, because I still feel like I’m working hard, just not getting payed. Getting things cleaned, organized, and ready for the baby can be a extraneous job. I am trying to learn to listen to my body and take naps though. So, that’s a plus. My hope is that in the next week or two everything will be ready in the nursery and all will be tidy. Leaving me a week or two to completely relax. During this pregnancy I really have just wanted to take  a bath and get a pedicure, so I am hoping that I can do that before the baby comes.

Well, I hope you are all doing well and staying warm.

Much Love,

Mama M.


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