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December 29, 2009

So, now we’re in the waiting phase. Waiting for contractions to really start. And for baby to make an appearance.

I started having some consecutive contractions last night. Lasting anywhere from a minute to a minute and a half, spaced out about 10 minutes apart. My body was feeling quite different too–my mouth was dry no matter how much water I drank and I started to get realively warm all over. The contractions lasted for about 45 mins and then stopped. That was disappointing. They came back through out the night, but nothing intense and major.

This morning I had a few, but again, nothing major. So, yeah, I wish I could just forsee when this baby was arriving so I can stop being on pins and needles.

Well, that’s my news as of now. Just waiting. And hoping that baby comes soon.


The Count Down Begins

December 9, 2009

In about six weeks for sure I will be holding my baby. I don’t think it will even take that long. Today I had a doctor’s appointment and my mid-wife talked about me being ready in two weeks. I’m counting on 3-4 weeks. Anywho, time sure does fly by.

My appointment today went well. Baby’s heartbeat is 162 beats/min. Wow, right? Baby is head down so yay for that. And nurse said baby was getting big, which I can tell.¬† My belly just keeps growing day by day.

Last week was my last week of a paying job. I say paying job, because I still feel like I’m working hard, just not getting payed. Getting things cleaned, organized, and ready for the baby can be a extraneous job. I am trying to learn to listen to my body and take naps though. So, that’s a plus. My hope is that in the next week or two everything will be ready in the nursery and all will be tidy. Leaving me a week or two to completely relax. During this pregnancy I really have just wanted to take¬† a bath and get a pedicure, so I am hoping that I can do that before the baby comes.

Well, I hope you are all doing well and staying warm.

Much Love,

Mama M.