October’s Here! :)

Happy, happy October!

It’s amazing how fast time goes. I am entering into my 25 week in two days! Craziness. Baby continues to be active. 🙂 I love to feel the baby kick. Kris has yet to feel it though. Whenever he goes to touch my stomach baby stops cold turkey. Then the minute that Kris moves his hand, baby’s at it again.  Oh, baby is playing a game with daddy. :)I pray that soon Kris will be able to feel the baby kick.

Kris is keeping busy doing some house remodeling for when baby gets here. He’s adding extra instillation around the windows and doors,  and working on the bathrooms.We’ve started painting the baby’s area and the crib is up! 🙂 It’s really exciting to start the process. Hopefully, this month we will finish. Keep us in prayer as we continue with house remodeling.09-fall-leaves

I’m finished with one baby registry. www.target.com, under Jessica Miszczak or Krzysztof Miszczak.

We also have been taking a Bradley Method childbirth class, and it’s helping Kris and I work together, which makes me happy. We do pregnancy exercises together! 🙂 Which reminds me we need to do them today.

I am also now working part-time and it’s different being on my feet for 6-7 hours/day I work. However, I enjoy the job. I am working in a retail shop at Elgin Community College selling baked and savory goods. I enjoy working with people and seeing customers happy, plus I enjoy selling. Kris continues going to school. He is 1/3 done with the semester. He’s really into his EMT class. This  Saturday he will have the opportunity to be in a firetruck/ fire station along side some fireman for 12 hrs to get a feel for the job. This is a very exciting opportunity, as he hopes to become a fireman someday soon.

Nuka, our puppy turned one year yesterday! We spoiled her silly. We love having her in the family and know she will be a great family dog when the baby comes.

We continue to look forward to the adventures that this next month will bring. And hope that you too are off to a fabulous fall. Here’s to pumpkin pies, pumpkin patches, sweaters, falling leaves, beauty, and lots of cuddles!

Much Love,


5 Responses to “October’s Here! :)”

  1. Patrick Hoban Says:

    Congratulations! There’s going to be lots of babies around soon.

  2. Lex Says:

    Praise God for all the good things! So exciting!

  3. Belarmino Reyes Says:

    Hey Jess, it’s not instillation; it’s insulation. Also, it’s good that you finally finished the registry. I’d like to be ther for fall. I want pumpkin pie now.

  4. jmiszczak Says:

    Yes, I am really excited about what’s to come.

    Dave, it’s not ther it’s there. 🙂

  5. Amy Says:


    I am so excited for you! I was thinking about you yesterday and how exciting it is to know you are going to be a mommy!!!

    Take Care Sweetie!!

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