Top reasons why being pregnant is awesome …

baby_duck So, I’ve been asked alot lately about how I feel and how I like being pregnant. Usually, I say  I feel ALOT better than I did two months ago. 🙂 I’ve recently been thinking about what I enjoy most being pregnant, and wanted to share with you.

Here is a few things in random order:

  • After I’ve eaten a big meal, I no longer feel guilty that my stomach grows, and don’t feel the need to suck in my tummy. The stretchy pregnancy pants help too!
  • Sleeping in a little and taking naps is simply listening to what my body and baby needs.
  • I get to daydream more.
  • Midnight food cravings are okay.
  • I get complimented and noticed more, and accept compliments alot better.
  • I can sing and talk to my belly without  feeling and looking crazy.
  • My hubby helps me to do pregnancy exercise
  • I get to start a gift registry and scan away. We’re registered at Target.
  • Feeling life grow inside me is indescribable.
  • When I need to cry it’s no longer called  overreacting, but pregnant.
  • My hair and nails are better than ever.

What about you mom’s? What did you enjoy about being pregnant?


One Response to “Top reasons why being pregnant is awesome …”

  1. rain2rainbows Says:

    Definitely the feeling life grow inside me! The fact that my body, it its perfect design was enough to grow, sustain and protect a life used to make me really emotional!

    I also loved little things like learning how to ask for help with everything from carrying heavy things to shaving my legs! lol!

    Oh! And, using my tummy as a table towards the end.. 🙂

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