To love


David Slater, 24, beloved son, brother, father and friend.

Today was David’s funeral.

At the funeral they had video footage of the life of David. There in those few short minutes of seeing the interaction of baby David with his mom, I saw  a glimpse of true love. Then on footage it showed you that at 7 months David had a major surgery due to an accident. He had stitches and bandages all over his little head. From this point on most would see him as different, but you saw again, the interaction between mother and child, and you saw that to his mother he was still the same sweet baby boy. This is to love. You see past people imperfections. You see their heart.

It dawned on me that all the people we see “differently” they are someones child. And more than likely, to that mother they are no different. So today I realized, I mean really realized the importance of loving people. What it means to love like Christ. Those moments in which you are tired and overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel on love, it is then we should love. When the dog is barking, dinner is burning, the telephones ringing and someone is calling your name, it is then we should love.

David knew how to love. When people ridiculed him and ignored him, he loved them anyway. In his 24 years of life, David showed true love more than some do in their 70s.

I’ve been praying to learn how to love better. Not from my own selfish love, seeking to be loved, but to just simply love. This is what I got from today, “To really love, love when it’s hard. Especially when its hard. This is the only way.”

What also captured me during this footage was that from baby-baby, David smiled, during difficult surgery recovery  he smiled, as he learned to walk and use his hands he smiled. 🙂 When it seemed that David should be angry at circumstances, he smiled. And remembering the encounters we had, yes, David always smiled.

I thank God for David, and the way he used David’s life to teach us more about Him.

I ask you to pray with me for David’s family, especially his 5 year old daughter, Bethany. I pray that God may send people to Bethany that can uplift her in His love. That through her father’s example she may know what it is to love and be loved. David loved not expecting love, but because he loved so, he was very loved.


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