Naps + Cravings = Me lately

It’s quite interesting what a woman goes through during pregnancy. During the first couple months, I would wake up in the morning, only to be tired again 30 mins later. I slept alot than. Probably 50 % of the time. And before getting pregnant I didn’t like sleep all that much.  That’s changed a bit. I realize now that sleep is good.

I am happy to say that now my body only requires a daily 2 hour nap. On the days I don’t get it, boy am I tired.

grapefruit-poppy-seed ice cream by mercedes l..

Aside from sleeping habits changing, my taste buds are completely off.  Sometimes everything tastes sooooo sweet. Bread, tomato sauce, I can even taste the sweetness in grapefruits (which I used to think  were awful tasting not to long along). Lemonade and grapefruits are good to balance sweetness.  And then sometimes I get the sharp sour taste in my mouth, that wants nothing but sweets. Ice cream is the best for that.  So, I guess, my cravings lately have been grapefruits and ice cream. haha. Which are two opposite tastes.

If anyone has any suggestions on other foods that can balance sweetness and sour tastes let me know.  🙂


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